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Sound insulation

Sound insulation between residences with a thickness of 36 cm

Ulivi di Chiavari Residence in Chiavari: the advantages of sound insulation between residences with 36 cm of sound insulation 

Noise at home stands in the way of domestic comfort, few people know that it is the cause of headaches, insomnia, nervous tension, lack of concentration and moodiness. 

We should not underestimate the fact that noise is a leading cause of friction between condominiums. 

The construction philosophy of "Edifici Abitare Evoluto" was born from a detailed and thorough study of all construction and environmental details. 

Airborne noises are not propagated because the wall is composed of two hollow brick exterior walls with another interior wall made of 8 cm concrete blocks. 

In both, the air chambers created contain glass wool insulation with a thickness of 4 cm. 

Noises transmitted vertically through the walls of the Building Are suppressed by insulation based on polymers, often 5 mm thick, inserted under the walls themselves.