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Thermal insulation

Outer wall with cladding with a thickness of 40 cm

Ulivi di Chiavari Residence in Chiavari: the advantages of an external wall with cladding with a thickness of 40 cm in terms of thermal insulation 

The thermal-acoustic insulation of the outer wall is essential in minimising heat loss and protecting yourself from loud noises. 

The cladding system involves the complete elimination of the so-called "thermal bridges", i.e. those points of the property which have preferential pathways for the dispersion of heat and also create unhealthy mould. 

Less gas is consumed for heating if heat is not wasted and substantial savings on utility bills are obtained as well as reduced emissions of harmful gases to the environment. 

The construction philosophy of "Edifici Abitare Evoluto" originated from a detailed and thorough study of all the details. 

After Building An insulating wall from blocks of 25 cm porous bricks, the thermo-acoustic and thermo-absorbent panels made of expanded polystyrene are glued/and properly tessellated. 

These panels are then finished with a special glue and reinforced with a glass fibre network prior to the application of a last coating that makes the wall completely shock resistant.