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Isolamento termico


In winter just as in summer, the thermal insulation system adopted in our 2-room and 3-room apartments in Genoa offers ideal comfort. 

> Floor Heating
> Central heating system
> Partition wall between the residence and stairwell
> Roof made of hollow flat blocks
> Outer wall with cladding with a thickness of 40 cm 

Mechanical ventilation


There's something new in the air in our homes in Chiavari. Clean air, continually renewed by a sophisticated ventilation system.

> Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Solar power systems

Solar power systems

2-room, 3-room ABITAREVOLUTO apartments in Chiavari exploit the power of the sun to heat domestic hot water and illuminate the common areas without the use of gas and electricity. 

> Solar thermal system
> olar photovoltaic system

Other details

Other details

The ABITAREVOLUTO experience combined with new manufacturing technologies, allows us to pay attention to the smallest details of our homes in Genoa.

> Drain pipe at the level of foundation
> Balcony waterproofing
> System restart