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Guide service
A point of reference for any need in Imperia

A person at your disposal always ready to respond quickly before and after your purchase of Panorama Mare Residence

User manual
A manual for you to get to know Panorama Mare Residence
in every detail

The best tips to properly use your home in Diano Marina, preserving it over the years.

Energy savings
Maximum savings with respect to the environment of Diano Marina

Big energy savings, great respect for the environment of the area of Imperia and big cost savings

Transparency and accuracy in the description of every
detail of the villas

A contract of about 50 pages on your house in Diano Marina, which makes the difference.

All financial guarantees for a safe purchase in Imperia

A guarantee on the money invested prior to receiving the keys of Panorama Mare Residence.

Safe investment
The certainty of a property investment in Imperia with value over time

You are certain of having a quality home in Diano Marina that does not depreciate over time.

Acoustic comfort
Our guarantee for a house isolated from noise in a
Panorama Mare Residence

We take care of every technical detail according to specifications to protect your privacy and to guarantee your right to silence.