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Sound insulation

Window with low-e glass

Ulivi di Chiavari Residence in Chiavari: the advantages of low-e glass windows in terms of sound insulation 

The function of the windows is to: 

• safeguard both sound and heat insulation, 
• maximise energy savings consistently, 
• filter light, 
• provide an aesthetic touch to the environment. 

Windows chosen by us have a thickness of 68 mm.

The special features that distinguish these windows and allow for their best performance are:

• the use of "low-e" glass, consisting of two double slabs containing a noble gas that guarantees a stop to heat loss and exceptional sound insulation performance,
• the presence of a sill composed of two slabs of marble divided by a strip of solid wood which prevents the cold from entering,
• the presence of a lateral airtight triple gasket in the windows that insulates your home from outside noise.