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Solar power systems

Solar photovoltaic system

Ulivi di Chiavari Residence in Chiavari: the advantages of solar photovoltaic system using solar power systems 

The photovoltaic system uses solar energy to produce usable electricity for common areas such as the lighting of the stairwells or walkways outside, the vehicle entrance gates, the heating plant and mechanical ventilation system.

The panels of the photovoltaic plant are located on the roof of the Building And suitably oriented.

The energy produced by the sun is collected in an inverter located in the basement that converts the direct current produced by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current suitable for the electrical grid.

The inverter transfers the current through the domestic network to the lighting elements of the common areas. When the electricity needs of the palazzina permits it, the unused electricity is sold to the public network, thus allowing you to have a credit towards future consumption and significant cost savings on your bill.