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Solar power systems

Solar thermal system

Ulivi di Chiavari Residence in Chiavari: The benefits of a Solar Thermal System using Solar Power Systems 

The sun is an inexhaustible source of clean and free energy. The solar thermal system captures solar energy to convert it into thermal energy even in overcast conditions. 

The solar panels on the roof of the Building Absorb sunlight and heat the water for daily domestic operations, thereby allowing you to save on gas from less use of the boiler. 

The solar panels heat the liquid of the circuit that is conveyed towards a solar boiler for the accumulation of domestic hot water containing a heat exchanger. 

Inside the boiler there is an exchange of heat between the fluid heated by the solar panel and the domestic water contained inside.

The domestic water is then channelled through the normal domestic network and used for domestic purposes at any time of the day or night.