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Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Ulivi di Chiavari Residence in Chiavari: the advantages of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for mechanical ventilation 

To refresh the air, up until now you had to open the windows in winter when the wind is biting and in summer when the heat is scorching.

Unfortunately, to keep the house warm or cool, the windows are opened as little as possible and the indoor air becomes unhealthy and full of moisture that in addition to causing unsightly stains on the walls, creates respiratory problems such as allergies, colds and pneumonia.

In a house without mechanical ventilation you get sick more because the indoor air is polluted and reaches humidity levels of up to 80%!

Thanks to controlled mechanical ventilation instead:

• the air in the house is always healthy and free of moisture because the stale air, through suction valves, is extracted from the bathroom and the kitchen while clean air taken from outside, is pre-heated (in winter) and continually fed into the bedroom and living room,

• there is considerable energy saving because opening the windows can be avoided,

• prevents the entry of polluted air, insects and noise that inevitably enter the house through open windows,

• avoids the unpleasant heat that is felt when the humidity is high in summer.